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This is so cool 

Whoa, what a clever idea! :D

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managed to get 15400 after 15 minutes of play i ended up giving up at 15 minutes i coulda went longer but at this point my mind is a tetris piece

Rad! I loved playing this.

This was my score! Pretty amazing and super fun, I just kept feeling bad when I sent bad pieces to the players "Oh my god so sorry I just ruined your game :c" , You have to be fast to send lines but also have to be careful of what lines you send. I give it a 10 out of 10 keep up the good work! 
Came from the Acegikmo server ~

This is the best score I've seen so far, very impressive!

This is crazy! How did you accomplish so much in such little time!? Good job man.

Haha, thanks! The longest part was just getting tetris in the first place. The ai, and sending pieces over, wasn't so bad. It definitely helps that I've jammed a lot - and I feel like I'm finally hitting my stride! I'm *super* happy with all my latest games!

genius and instantly understandable, is it possible to be this clever in 48 hours?



I played puzzle mode apparently but that seemed frenzied enough already! Great idea though!

why does it deny half my attempts to drop a piece in? I think I'm waiting long enough after a previous one settles :-/

Each game can only have one piece falling at a time, and you can't put a piece of the same color into the game

thanks for the tip, I did far better this morning haha

Actually pretty difficult, but pretty fun

And great 8-bit music

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Thanks! I learned this weekend  the Tetris Theme is available under creative commons from Wikipedia! So I modified the theme with a low pass and its super chill actually??