Update 1.1 - More flags and improvements


  • Agender palette
  • Polysexual palette
  • Intersex palette
  • Neutrois palette
  • Bigender palette


  • Alphabetized list of palettes
  • Added "undo" button on screen (previously only possibly on keyboard)
  • Fixed polyamrous palette incorrectly called polysexual
  • Improved playability without a mouse
    • Hitting "X" now counts as a click input
    • Arrow keys can move mouse
    • Mouse is bound to the screen borders

There are now a total of 18 pre-set palettes, plus you always have the ability to create your own!


nbjam.p8 79 kB
May 21, 2021
nbjam_v2.bin.zip 12 MB
May 21, 2021

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