• You have 60 seconds to collect as many stars as you can
  • Dash by holding arrow keys and pressing Z
  • Your dash recharges after 2 bounces
  • Press control+r to restart


  • Awesome ball-bouncing gameplay
  • No randomness; compete to be the best
  • A full-sized game in just 552 bytes!
  • As much juice as can be crammed in such a small space
  • Challenge - can you beat my own high score of 33?

PICO-8 Source Code:

if(g>60)goto _
for i=0,899do
l(0,0,50,0,6)for i=0,g/60,.001do
if(r(e*e+f*f)<9)s+=1m=s%2*u n=s%2*v?"\ace-g"
if(z>1and d&16>0)a=(d&2)*2-(d&1)*4b=(d&8)/2-(d&4)z=0?"\aszx1c"
if(r(w)>50)f=(x*a+y*b)/w j=x*f k=y*f a=(a-j*2)*.9b=(b-k*2)*.9x+=a y+=b z+=1?"\ax3d-"
goto _

Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars
(16 total ratings)
Made withPICO-8
TagsArcade, Physics, PICO-8, Pinball, Time Attack


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p8 file, possible?

The source code is in the description

i grabbed a score of


(My device can't send images in this website sadly)


Really cool game and original mechanics!

this is excellent! the star spawn pattern is really neat, strategy-wise. after many attempts, my PB is now 45!


45!? That's incredible!! I'd love to see a video if you wanna go for that again~

(1 edit)

thanks! I’ve been playing this for the past hour or so trying to get a better score – its really fun!

I’ve finally figured out a trick for the second half; basically you dash towards the ground, and then a few bounces later your dash is recharged and you’re high enough to get the top stars

I bet it’d be possible to make a TAS that gets ~100 stars

oh I also snagged this screenshot (not edited!)

it’s also not a legit score! it’s just a funny result of the screenshake and the cls code ;)

I think my actual score here was 40, and had just barely ticked up from 39


That's so cool, you make it look so easy! And yet there's still clear room for improvement.

That's a real funny glitch, and how those two numbers perfectly align visually to form a bigger one.

like this, score 11 from the first play

I love this! It's very cool :)

(1 edit) (+2)

I got a better score again! This time I do have a screenshot.

Also just to make this clear I haven't been playing this whole time.

that's so impressive! I wonder how high it can go with perfect play...


great job, love visuals and camera work 🤘

wow wtf one minute?  you are cracked XD


I got 35... I forgot to get a screenshot though :(

really great game!

Wow, great job!






my highest is 21


Thanks for submitting this game to the ‘One Minute Jam’! I’ve posted feedback on the jam submission page.



Impressive code optimization! :O :)

 Did you use special tools to "compress" math and code like this?



Nope, I did it by hand. I do a lot of tweetcarts so I'm familiar with different tricks, and I borrowed the collision from another game I'm working on so I was treading familiar ground.

Woah!! :) I'm even more impressed! Good job and keep it up! ~


i love it

Thank you~