Update 1.1 - Small fixes

  • New feature: Added "random" music option. This choose randomly between music tracks, to increase variety.
  • New feature: Added raspberry pi download!
  • Clarity: Lock description text on arcade modes changed from "Beat point
    rush to unlock" to "earn 4000 points in point rush to unlock"
  • Bugfix: Beating a puzzle now unlocks the next puzzle, instead of the next two
  • Bugfix: "Mega puzzles" and "Huge puzzles" had the wrong display names, and now are fixed
  • Bugfix: The left/right movement of the menu was swaying too far left


pushamo_windows_1_1.zip 1 MB
Nov 17, 2020
pushamo_linux_1_1.zip 736 kB
Nov 17, 2020
pushamo_osx_1_1.zip 3 MB
Nov 17, 2020
pushamo_raspi_1_1.zip 1 MB
Nov 17, 2020

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